Searching for WeHo Jesus: An Attempt to Find Meaning on the Streets of Hollywood

It has been three years since that first encounter and I suddenly find myself in a similar state of mind. I have just graduated with a Masters Degree in Journalism, again unsure of where to go. There has been another breakup, another move, and a lot more running. The difference is I now live in Santa Monica.

Groups Look to Hollywood to Lead the Charge Against Russia’s Anti-LGBT Laws

“The more that celebrities or other people in the news educate Americans to how the draconian this law is, it continues to build press on the Russian government to reverse its course.” [ READ:Russias Anti-Gay Laws Become Part of Olympic Coverage ] Even before the Russian laws, human rights groups have looked to the entertainment industry to promote LGBT equality both here and abroad. Since 2005, GLAAD has released an annual report on how gay and lesbians have been portrayed in television and this year, the organization will extend that examination to the film industry. “We’re asking the industry, one of our biggest exports, to include that content in their movies, to be an agent of change,” Sharif says. In 2012, the international box office rang up a total $34.7 billion in revenue (up from $27.7 billion just three years earlier); the Russia market alone generated $1.4 billion, making it the world’s fifth largest at the box office.


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