30-minute Workouts Are Better Than An Hour For Weight Loss: Study

A beautiful app that contains a combination of guides and videos, it even allows you to create your own routines that you can go back to later. The guides, which include sharp photos and detailed instructions for each exercise, have fun names like The Look-Good-in-Your-Leggings Workout and Treadmill Haters Rejoice! A Two-Machine Plan, No Running Required, and cover different types of exercises ranging from yoga poses to a routine using a BOSU ball. We really like: that the app offers a mix of videos and photo guides, and that new workouts are added every week.
Source: http://www.divine.ca/en/health/articles/c_11_i_5239/apps-we-love-at-home-workouts-1.html

How hard? Itas up to you. If youare fit, healthy and love a tough workout, try the Tabata model and see how you feel. If your fitness isnat where youad like it to be, but youare still confident that you can push yourself hard, then try Gibalaas 60-seconds of hard work followed by 60-seconds rest model.
Source: http://www.montrealgazette.com/life/Jill+Barker+look+interval+training+brings+results/8975017/story.html

Fitwall creates custom workouts using tech

Could Fitwall, which is attracting exercise buffs from kids to professional football players, be the next fitness craze? Follow @@MsDas Ready for a random confession? I’m addicted to Zumba. I admit this embarrassing fact to help build the case for workout trends that may be written off as fitness fads. I’m well aware that I look ridiculous trying to duplicate my Zumba instructor’s fancy footwork and complicated cumbia steps.
Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-9373_3-57604611-55/fitwall-creates-custom-workouts-using-tech/

Arm workouts: Sex positions for stronger arms

Avoid deep core work and bending forward, and leave a little flexionor loosenessin the joints so you dont accidently over-stretch the ligaments, Martens said. An instructor who has specific prenatal experience can also help you modify moves and make sure the class is safe. 5. Resistance training. According to a study from Michigan State University, women who did resistance training three days a week for 20 to 30 minutes had a lower risk of gestational diabetes, high-blood pressure, and weight gain.
Source: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/09/22/5-great-pregnancy-workouts/

5 great pregnancy workouts

RELATED: BOY, 2, UNDERGOES WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY “The subjects in the test group that exercised the least talk about increased energy levels and a higher motivation for exercising and pursuing a healthy everyday life,” said study author Dr. Astrid Jesperson of the University of Copenhagen. “They take the stairs, take the dog for an extra Max Workouts pdf walk or cycle to work.” In contrast, the subjects “who exercised for one hour a day, after training, felt exhausted, demotivated and less open to making a healthy change,” she added. We are thus seeing that a moderate amount of exercise will significantly impact the subjects’ daily practices. RELATED: LOSERS ARE WINNERS WITH NEW DIET BETS The study, published online in the journal Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, monitored 60 moderately overweight but healthy Danish men for 13 weeks. Half of the subjects exercised vigorously for 30 minutes a day by jogging, cycling, or cross training while the other half exercised for a full hour daily.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/30-minute-workouts-better-hour-weight-loss-study-article-1.1462723

CrossFit Workouts Could Cause Deadly Condition

One reason why Rhabdo is so prevalent among CrossFitters is the elitistnature of the regimennobody wants to be the first to quit and no one wants to be outdone. Injuries sustained during a CrossFit routine are standard and often worn like a badge of honor. A Medium piece by Eric Robertson, Professor of Physical Therapy at Regis University, included this quote uttered by CrossFits founder, Greg Glassman: It [CrossFit] can kill you. Ive always been completely honest about that. Such a nonchalant take on a deadly condition widely associated with your companys practices is a cavalier and irresponsible move, but its done nothing to diminish the growing popularity of CrossFit.
Source: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/crossfit-workouts-could-cause-deadly-condition.html

The wheelbarrow sex position demands that one should have a strong upper body and the guy is more likely to hit the G-spot. Stand & Carry Sex Position: Here the man carries his partner, which needs strong arm muscles. But, it also boosts the arm muscles and the legs, stand and carry sex position also flexes the core muscles. Swiss Miss Sex Position: The female has to lie on a swiss ball, back facing upwards.
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/health-fitness/fitness/Arm-workouts-Sex-positions-for-stronger-arms/articleshow/23253067.cms

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