Fitness Instructor Saves Life Of Retired Staten Island Teacher (with Video)

At the hospital, it was discovered that “my potassium level was down to nothing, and my body temperature was 94 degrees.” After three days of tests in the hospital, doctors determined that what stopped Morand’s heart that fateful night was bundle branch block, a condition “in which there’s a delay or obstruction along the pathway that electrical impulses travel to make your heart beat,” as the Mayo Clinic explains it. In his case, “the nerves on the right side of my heart were blocked from communicating with other parts of the heart,” Morand said he learned, and his medical team decided that he needed a pacemaker. “I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things,” since undergoing pacemaker surgery at SIUH on Jan. 11, said Morand, who has served as music director and organist at St. read Teresa R.C.

Fitness tips to stay motivated

You might not know Jen Selter by name. But if you are an avid user of Instagram , you might know her butt. The New York City woman is being called the Next New Thing in fitness, hailed by some as “the next Jillian Michaels ,” after she amassed a social media following of more than 2 million on Instagram. One thing that’s helping to grow that social media following?

Instagram’s most liked butt? N.Y.C. woman is hot new name in fitness

Manage a chronic condition? Write it down. Seeing the benefits of regular exercise on paper may help you stay motivated. You may also find it helps to keep an exercise diary.


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