Boy In ‘workout Gear’ Refused Admission To Commissary | Navy Times |

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Pamela Marshall. In fact, all Marines are charged with policing their own while in the commissary, she said. Mistakes may occur, but that is part of the Marines development as, in this case, he or she learns to deal with varying circumstances, such as assessment of adult attire versus that of children. She could not confirm what happened on the day Carothers visited, but after viewing a photo of Zach in his workout visit this site clothes that Carothers snapped that day, Marshall said that if mother and son were indeed turned away due to his attire in that photo, it shows a misevaluation on the part of the individual checking clothing at the commissary. That said, Marshall added: If there were shoppers in PT gear when the mother and son returned, they were also in violation of the base order. Even if other shoppers werent stopped, this does not make their attire suitable for the commissary. The base order doesnt address children, who may at times wear shorts and T-shirts considered PT gear for an adult, she added. The dress code policy at Kaneohe Bay applies to the entire installation, and pictures outlining what is acceptable and not acceptable are posted in front of the commissary, exchange, Marine Mart, food court and other retail locations. The base order prohibits excessively tight or baggy clothing, obscene images or words on clothing, ripped, torn or frayed clothing, midriffs, exposed underarms, cutoff shorts and swimwear in areas other than the beach or pool, Marshall said. These are simple, reasonable rules to ensure all armed forces personnel, DoD civilians, employees and all guests are appropriately dressed while on a professional military installation, she said.
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