Report: Carmelo Anthony To Announce Thursday He’ll Re-sign With New York Knicks | Ball Don’t Lie – Yahoo Sports

Or perhaps, in an NBA environment where players are increasingly demonized for maximizing their earning power instead of “sacrificing” while owners continue to rake in profits hand over fist, Melo’s call came down to recognition of a reality put succinctly last week by Michael Lee of The Washington Post : The window for an elite athlete to Shin Othake get ridiculous sums of money is limited and only one team is allowed to win a championship each year. So, there are limitations Max Workout pdf to forfeiting the most riches, especially for players in their primes. […] The only guarantee in the NBA is the money. The rest winning, moving , anything can get figured out later, for Anthony, the Knicks and everyone else. – – – – – – – Dan Devine is an editor for Ball Don’t Lie on Yahoo Sports. Have a tip?
News source:–carmelo-anthony-to-announce-thursday-he-ll-re-sign-with-new-york-knicks-212747546.html

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