Ohio Teen’s Death Puts Focus On Caffeine Powder Dangers – Richmond Times-dispatch: News From The Associated Press

One program struggling to land one more game against a power conference team is Air Force, which is coming off of a 12-18 campaign. And according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, head coach Dave Pilipovich wants one more game to complement a schedule that already has road games against Colorado and Texas Tech. The problem for Air Force: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11222047.htm findinga power conference team willing to play in Colorado Springs. Weve tried so hard, but I dont think its going to happen, coach Dave Pilipovich said.
Source: http://collegebasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/07/19/air-forces-scheduling-issue-a-common-one-for-some-programs-outside-of-the-power-leagues/

It makes no sense to me.” Federal investigations have recently prompted some companies to pull products with added caffeine. Last year, Wrigley halted sales and marketing of Alert caffeinated gum after discussions with the FDA. In 2010, the agency forced manufacturers of alcoholic caffeinated beverages to cease production of those drinks. Authorities have also pledged to take action if they are able to link deaths to consumption of energy drinks. Hospitalizations from those drinks have been on the rise.
Source: http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/ap/ohio-teen-s-death-puts-focus-on-caffeine-powder-dangers/article_d310ffe0-0f9b-11e4-95d8-0017a43b2370.html

5 important things to know about caffeine powder | New York’s PIX11 / WPIX-TV

a A mere one-sixteenth of a teaspoon can contain about 200 milligrams of caffeine, about the equivalent of two large cups of coffee. a A teaspoon is equivalent to the amount in 25 cups of coffee. a 5 to 10 grams is considered a toxic dose in adults, while 3 grams can be a toxic dose in children. a Bulk caffeine powder can be bought easily online.
Source: http://triblive.com/usworld/nation/6473625-74/caffeine-powder-stiner

Ohio teen athlete’s death prompts warning about caffeine powder | TribLIVE

The FDA has said 400 milligrams of caffeine a day roughly 20 to 28 ounces of coffee is generally not dangerous to healthy adults. ___ CAFFEINE OVERDOSE DEATHS ARE UNCOMMON, NOT UNHEARD OF There have been at least two deaths associated with caffeine, along with 40 life-threatening events from 2008 to 2012, according to data from the nations poison control centers. During that period, at least 5,095 people were treated in a health care facility for caffeine exposure. But its unknown how many of those cases stemmed from caffeine powder.
Source: http://pix11.com/2014/07/19/5-important-things-to-know-about-caffeine-powder/


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