Derrick Rose: ‘i’m Feeling Good’ – Abc News

“If I can play, I’m gonna play — no matter when it is or how many games it is,” Rose said. “If I’m healthy enough to play, I’m gonna play. I’m not worried about that. With all the training that I’ve done in the past, I think that I’m prepared for it. It’s just that right now I’m trying to get my legs under me a little bit more, and we won by 40 yesterday, so there wasn’t any need — no disrespect to the other team.” Rose is glad he’s been able to play games before he begins his NBA season with the Bulls. “Yeah, just knocking the rust off,” he said. “I haven’t played in the offseason at all, so this allows me to get in a little groove. Especially being a point guard, you always gotta get used to the ball again — especially getting used to the international balls because they’re a little bit lighter and a little bit more slippery — Max Workouts and really get my pace and my wind back.
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