Kickstarter For Cat Hamster Wheel Raises 120,000 Dollars – Time

Its still in its funding stages, but a Kickstarter campaign has already vastly exceeded its goal of $10,000. In just a few weeks, supporters of this exercise wheel called One Fast Cat have pledged well over $120,000. But why a hamster wheel? Its good for cats to get some sort of workout and changing it up to keep them interested is important, creator Sean Farley wrote on the Kickstarter page. There are many ways to keep your cat lively, giving them access to energetic companions, making a play session part of their day, and/or offering them tempting exercise equipment for use when youre not at homethats why we came up with One Fast Cat cat wheel. Okay then! Heres a look at how the contraption works: After giving this some thought, were not really surprised that the campaign surpassed its funding goal. Its 2014. If theres wine for cats , why cant there be a hamster wheel for cats too? SHARE THIS ARTICLE
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