Gym Uses Technology To Feel The Burn |

It calls itself a digital gym.

Everything is tracked and analyzed site digitally, with up-to-date results stored in the cloud and accessible on all devices, the company says on it website. . . . (without) blaring TV screens and grunting weightlifters.

So how does it work?

After someone signs up and pinpoints their workout goals, they’re ushered to a FitCheck machine that measures a person’s body mass index (BMI), lean muscle mass, body fat, weight and height.

That information is uploaded to a USB card, called a Koko Key, and a computer program spits out a diet and workout plan based Max Workouts review on the data. Plans can also be customized for those with health issues such as diabetes, breast cancer remission, arthritis and back pain.

Gym-goers would then plug their Koko key into a Smartrainer, which is attached to each of the strengthening machines. The Smartrainer then lays out the workout, tells a person how to do each exercise and measures how much strain is put on a person’s muscles during the workout.

That muscle strain is the key to a good workout, Doug said, which is why Koko strengthening workouts are only 30 minutes long.

But your muscles are under strain for 26 to 27 of those minutes, Doug said. It’s not just all about reps, its not just blowing through a work out.
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