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Monitor your progress overtime with the detailed progress health and fitness tracker. Use the great free workouts to get in top shape.Design your own workouts along with over 200 workouts and exercise videos built in. Keep track of your progress with the diet and exercise log. Record your progress by keeping track of your stats with the progress tracker.FEATURESOver 200 Different workouts and videosCan customize your workout depending on your goal, what body parts you want to train, and duration of your workoutTrack your progress with the history of previous statsKeep track of your diet with a detailed food log Record your sets, reps and weights for each exercise with the detailed exercise logWhatever your fitness goal Custom Fit has the workout for you.

New tech for virtual workouts – CBS News

”He’s been with me the whole time,” said Kaaya, the fifth quarterback in Miami history with 25 touchdown passes in a season, joining Steve Walsh, Ken Dorsey, Vinny Testaverde and Bernie Kosar. ”He’s a really smart guy. … It was never weird. I’m a quarterback too.

Miami QB Williams sees career go full-circle – Yahoo Sports

Perhaps that’s a heart-rate monitor to gauge the intensity of your workouts. Withings’ Pulse O2 ($120) also measures blood-oxygen levels, which the company says could be useful if you’re training at high altitudes. A device that offers message notifications might be overkill. You’re better off with something that’s great at a few things rather than mediocre at several things.

Gift Guide: How to pick the right fitness tracker – Yahoo News

The company behind the fitness-tracking app Runtastic has created a virtual reality workout program that uses the interactive video game-like headset Oculus Rift . The concept is compelling: You put the device on your head, and virtual reality technology envelops you in a computer-generated environment while you exercise. You can do a seven-minute leg workout with lunges while a virtual personal trainer monitors your form and progress. The stats from your workout regimen appear right on the screen.


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